Curriculum at a Glance

Our Learning Environment uses an academic and play based developmentally appropriate curriculum.  What this means is that by using a multimodal approach to teaching, our teachers incorporate practical daily activities into their academic goals, thereby creating connections and fostering learning through experience.   Through hands-on activities,  visual, tactile and auditory stimuli, children will use their senses to make real-life connections to their  learning experiences, resulting in lifelong memories.  

Aside from our unique child-centered, yet teacher-directed curriculum, Our Learning Environment is also a  structured setting, with a daily schedule.  We encourage children to make their own choices within the routine to enhance the learning process.   Throughout the day, children will  be afforded learning opportunities through gross motor activities (e.g.; movement, dance, etc.,) fine motor activities (e.g.; art projects,  table-top manipulatives, etc.,) creative activities (e.g.; imaginative play, music, etc.)  and more.  During these activities, our teachers will continually provide language-enriched experiences to encourage developmentally appropriate socialization with peers.  

Please call, e-mail, or stop by our office to request an enrollment packet and/or tour. In addition, inquire about our 6 week Summertime Dreams and Themes Program.